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Struggling to wake up consistently with energy?  This new USB will share with you everything I've learned through the entirety of my personal development journey.

Here's a quick break down of what you can expect! 

Section #1: Identifying Your Software

  • System #1: How To Find Your PATH, And Move Away From What Hasn’t Worked... And Toward Forging Your Personal Productivity Plan That Changes The Way You Think Of Waking Up!
  • System #2: How To Stop Along The Way, And Rebuild To Make Those Personal Development GAINS... And Learning To Make Waking Up Early Almost Addicting!

Section #2: Building Your Tool Shed

  • System #3: How To Create A Powerful “A Ha” Moment For How You Wake Up That Gives You Almost Guaranteed Energy Within Thirty Minutes... So That You Feel Like You’ve Already Been Up For Hours Before You’ve Even Left Your Bedroom!  
  • System #4: The Multi-Step “Wind-down” Framework That SIMPLIFIES Going To Bed, And The Key To Making Sure You Fall Asleep Within MINUTES Of Your Head Touching Your Pillow!

Section #3: Creating Lasting Change

  • System #5: The detailed step-by-step FRAMEWORK that unlocks a massive advantage for standing up what you believe in, all while truly understanding yourself more (so you don’t second guess everything you do), and making others see you as a leader RIGHT NOW! (I use this every single time I forget what I’m fighting for.) 
  • System #6: The 5-Day schedule you should follow EVERY week for an entire year to “test and tweak” your checklist...or until we shake hands (whichever comes sooner!) 
  • ​System #7: Use This 2-Part Self-Reflection Framework To Squash Your Own False Beliefs BEFORE They Even Have A Chance To Get Near You... And Rebuild Belief Patterns That Inspire You To Take ACTION And Just Become A Little More Valuable!  
  • ​System #8: How Make Your Competition Come Knocking Down Your Door To Find Out How You And Your Team Are Flourishing In Times Of Crisis... (Once This Happens, Nothing Will Stand In Your Way!)

 Everything you get when you order today!

  • Physical Copy Of Dialed Day USB                  ($35.99 Value)
  • Energy Evolution                                               ($97.00 Value)
  • A.I.M.                                                                  ($97.00 Value)
  • The Perfect Routine Checklist                        ($197.00 Value)
  • The 5-Minute Secretary                                    ($97.00 Value)
  • 30 Day Dialed Day Challenge                           ($97.00 Value)


Total Value: $620.99